About Us

We at Back on Track are one of the UK’s leading Equine retirement livery yards providing excellent Retirement & Rehabilitation livery. We specialize in giving full care for your horse or pony with organic grazing at our Farm on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Set in the quiet Norfolk countryside in an area of outstanding natural beauty, we provide a relaxing and stress free environment for your horse. When you are no longer able to ride but do not want the trouble of loaning out your horse or losing ownership we can provide you with a choice of livery plans.

Rehabilitation livery :  We provide a 7 day service, 365 days a year rehabilitation care plans for your horse from injury or illness , laminitis etc first check 6am last check 11pm cctv cameras from solar equestrian 24/7 ,high spec solariums ,on-site therapist and we work alongside Uplands way vets to give the care your horse needs in its hours of need .

Grass Livery-or our BRAND new Track livery -(paddock paradise) Choose from acres and acres of paddocks with shelters and automatic waters or our Brand new Track livery paddock paradise ! Approximately 1 mile of track system encorporating (Soon )different surfaces from sand and stoned areas which are perfect for transitioning and maintaining a barefoot hoof whilst restricting grass for those that are over weight or need to watch their weight ! Also grass sensitive/ cushings /Ems or forthose who wish their horses to have a more natural way of life .

The track is also perfect for horses who are rehabilitating from injury ,laminitis also horses with stable vices weaving /crib biters windsuckers ,Alsoarthritis mean they suffer filled legs when standing for long periods and need to walk more and horses who have separation anxiety .

We feed our Own home grown organic hay  which is all 4 % or below in sugar  this way we can feed ad-lib with out the worry it’s all grown here on our family farm and is available in a variety of feeders /boxes /slow feeder nets bale buddies you name it we got it ! And loose of course !

A big barn is also available for the horses and ponies to choose-to go in and out and is spacious and light and bedded up with Aubiose bedding which Is amazing .. we have automatic drinkers & CCTV  this is all Based on 24/7 turnout, including the care necessary to keep your horse happy and healthy in retirement.

STABLED LIVERY –  Where your horse is stabled overnight and turned out during the day, again with all the horse’s retirement needs being met. (We do  however recommend to try living out or give it a go your horse will thank you 😊)

When you take out a retirement or rehabilitation plan for your horse we ensure that you receive regular updates and photographs, and of course you are most welcome to visit we can send videos from our CCTV and you can even log on the app to see them settle in from your home !
We do not operate an appointment system and we are also happy to have your horse brought in for you if required.
Horses or ponies can have their own paddock or they can also live in a mixed group or just mares or just geldings.
We have over 25 years experience with looking after horses from foals up to golden oldies.
The Retirement & Rehabilitation livery is set in over 250 acres of farm land, this is a very peaceful and tranquil place, even the most anxious of horses settles very quickly on the farm.

With us, Tom & Holly, living on the farm the horses have morning , afternoon and evening checks.

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Our Solarium

Our solariums used for both Rehabilitation and Retirement residents

Theraputic Use

Our solarium is powered by special infrared bulb heaters. These provide a pleasant warming effect that can improve circulation and help to relax tense muscles. The effect is similar to a horse being out in a field and enjoying warm sunshine – but without the harmful UV rays. As with humans, this treatment provides a valuable source of vitamin D, essential for joint and bone health and which also helps the body to absorb calcium. The solarium can be a useful way to complement the natural healing of a horse that has suffered abrasions or, perhaps, a sore back. Additionally, this can be used for drying from baths or rain.

Ultraviolet light: has found to benefit stable-kept horses, a source of artificial sunlight to boost general health and well being.

Improves blood circulation and cellular metabolism.
Improves muscle elasticity in advance of intensive work, thereby reducing the risk of sustaining injury.
Helps reduce stiffness after work, promotes relaxation and recovery.
Assists in the relief of pain after injury, especially back pain.
Improves general health and well being.
Helps dry-off a horse/pony after rain /wash-down.